Top 12 Coolest Cabin Rentals in Georgia To Stay in 2023

Planning a trip and looking for the coolest and best cabin rentals in Georgia? Well, look no further, as I’ve compiled 12 incredible places to stay that would be perfect for a nature-filled getaway!

Georgia is known for its vast farmlands, beautiful mountain ranges, and iconic coastal areas, and the panoramic views from the top of mountains make it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts! There are multiple ways to enjoy the beauty and serenity of these tourist spots in Georgia, but I’d argue that the best way to experience this state’s wondrous allure is booking one of these unique cabin rentals!

From the Blue Ridge Moutnains to Ellijay, from Fannin County to Wildwood – Georgia offers breathtaking views, fantastic attractions, and a wide range of luxurious cabins that you’ll absolutely adore!

Whether you are looking for a family retreat or a small cabin for a romantic getaway with your partner, we have it sorted out everything for you. This list will help you decide which cabin rental should be your destination considering all your wants and needs!

Cabins in Georgia

Lake Sinclair Cabin

Location: Sparta, Georgia

Price: $438+ per night

Starting off the list is this marvelous Cabin in Sparta, presenting the most serene and astonishing views of Lake Sinclair and making it a perfect destination for people searching for a beautiful Lakeside cabin in Georgia.

Located at the bank of Lake Sinclair, this luxurious cabin has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, and it can easily accommodate 12 people at a time. A fully equipped kitchen with all basic utensils and supplies, a living room, game, fireplace, and two decks provide an opportunity to make your visit more entertaining and full of comfort.

The specialty of this cabin is the facility of a boat dock right in front of the cabin where you can dock your boat and use that place to have some fishing experience and discover the Lake Sinclair using your private boat.

Lake Sinclair Georgia Cabin Airbnb
Credit: Airbnb

Mountain Dream’s Cabin

Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia

Price: $571+ per night

This beautiful and ultra-modern luxurious cabin in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains is a unique piece of modern architecture that makes it stand out among all other rental cabins of the Blue edge area. 

Blue Ridge mountains in Georgia are considered one of the most beautiful places in the USA, and at one time, those were listed among the top 50 most beautiful places in the world. The Cabin can accommodate ten guests at a time. There are three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and the facility of a BBQ grill.

The Cabin has easy access to all popular tourist attractions of the Blue Ridge mountains. The availability of a big-screen satellite TV makes it a more favorable place if you want to relax and have some leisure time indoors.

Luxurious Mountain Dream Cabin with Hot Tub
Credit: Airbnb

Lake Hideaway 2

Location: Cherry Log, Georgia

Price: $286+ per night

Located at the top of the mountain and between two famous Georgia tourist attractions, this Lake Hideaway is like heaven if you want to make your visit memorable with some delicious BBQ eateries.

Located near the most famous Pink Pink BBQ point, this cabin has three bedrooms with two bathrooms, and it has a sleeping capacity of at least eight people. A 50-inch large screen TV with a gaming room having the facility of a Foosball table and Xbox can make your stay more entertaining. A fully equipped kitchen and a large open loft are also a part of the cabin.

If you are interested in some astonishing lake views, have some delicious BBQ, or are interested in some fishing adventure, then this place is for you.

Lake Hideaway - Georgia Airbnb Cabin Rental
Credit: Airbnb

Peety`s Perch

Location: Ellijay, Georgia

Price: $224+ per night

Looking for a cool and luxurious mountain cabin rental, this unique and traditional accommodation inside Coosawattee River Resort has everything covered for you.

This mountain Hideaway can be a perfect place for a family retreat in the north Georgia region. This place is spacious and clean with a super host and can easily accommodate a family of 6 people. Three bedrooms with three bathrooms, a kitchen, and availability of all basic amenities make it an affordable option for your holiday plans.

Peety`s Perch Cabin Rental in Georgia Mountains
Credit: Airbnb

Mountain View Cabin

Location: Mineral Bluff, Georgia

Price: $419+ per night

The new modern rental cabin with the latest features and design is the talk of the town nowadays, and this Mineral Bluff cabin in Georgia is one of those.

Four bedrooms with three bathrooms, a dining place, and a living room make the place spacious enough to accommodate ten people. The dining area has a beautiful floor-to-ceiling window presenting a beautiful view of the outside. The kitchen is fully equipped with all basic utensils and enough supplies to visit the place.

The specialty of this place is the availability of all modern facilities and the unique modern architecture, which is rarely seen in the traditional rental cabin, so if you can’t live without these modern facilities, this place has been specially designed for you.

Luxury Mountain View Cabin in Georgia
Credit: Airbnb

Rocky Face Cabin

Location: Rocky Face, Georgia

Price: $355+ per night

6th on the list is this wondrous and newly renovated rental cabin in Georgia, which has been designed to present the most amazing and panoramic views of mountains and nature outside.

The Cabin’s unique architecture and color scheme surrounded by long green trees and sky-touching mountains make it a place worth visiting. The interior décor and finishing is the specialty of this place which gives it a clean and most sophisticated look from inside. 

The Cabin can accommodate at least 12 people with five bedrooms and six decks. The decks present a breathtaking view of life outside. The kitchen is fully equipped, and a 65 inch TV can make your indoor experience more comfortable and entertaining. 

Rocky Face Cabin in Georgia
Credit: Airbnb

Rivendell Cabin

Location: Epworth, Georgia

Price: $1868+ per night

Got some cash in hand? This wondrous and luxurious accommodation with the most astonishing landscapes and scenery has everything you must be looking for.

Located in Chattahoochee National Forest, this cabin presents the most breathtaking views of nature through its floor to window ceilings. If you are interested in hiking, fishing, rafting, and other water sports, this place is for you. This rental cabin has everything from a hot Jacuzzi to a gaming room and from a large patio to a deck and porches. A fully equipped kitchen, a living room, and five bedrooms make this place a perfect accommodation for at least 12 people.

If you are interested in dining and some other activities in Ellijay or want to visit Epworth with family, it’s tough to find a place better than this.

Modern Rustic Mountain Top Cabin Rental in Georgia
Credit: VRBO

Toccoa River House

Location: Mineral Bluff

Price: $450+ per night

Looking for accommodation with some panoramic views and the serenity of nature, this riverside rental cabin in the Mineral Bluff area of Georgia should be on your priority list.

Located on the bank of the Toccoa River, this beautiful cabin has an area of almost 5 acres and a frontage of almost two hundred feet on the river. The beautiful architecture and lush green landscape around the cabin make it look like a fairy-tale house. This place has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and it has a sleeping capacity of at least eight people at a time.

If you are interested in fishing and some riverside water activities, this place can serve your purposes, and if you are planning to arrange a wedding ceremony at such a beautiful place, then you can also book this place for a unique experience.

Toccoa River House - Cabins in Georgia
Credit: VRBO

Splendid Summit

Location: Fannin County

Price: $400+ per night

Family trips and reunions are usually the memorable moments of our lives, and This 3300 sq ft mountain home is a perfect place to make those moments worth remembering.

Located near the Blue Ridge, This place has some really beautiful landscapes and sceneries alongside other tourist attractions. This cabin has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and it can easily accommodate 12 people at a time. A satellite TV with a fully equipped kitchen and proper air conditioning are some of the specialties of this luxurious home.

Splendid Summit Luxury Cabin Rental in Georgia
Credit: VRBO

Sky High Lodge Mountain Cabin Rental

Location: Necowa Cove

Price: $552+ per night

A mountain top luxurious cabin surrounded by the stunning views of nature, This Sky High Lodge is located where you can feel yourself at the top of the world.

Built on the Aska adventure area, this place presents an outstanding view of Lake Blue Ridge. The Cabin has the space of at least 12 people at a time. This beautiful structure has four bedrooms, 5 baths, a kitchen, a living room, and a patio. Large flat-screen TVs and luxurious seating add to the impeccable décor of the cabin.

If you want to feel the serenity of nature with a touch of modern amenities and technology, this place should be on the top of your list.

Sky High Lodge - Blue Ridge Mountains Cabin Rental Georgia
Credit: VRBO

Treetop Retreat with Hot Tub

Location: Wildwood, Georgia

Price: $417+ per night

If you are interested in experiencing the seclusion of a rural environment for a romantic couple or small family getaway, then this Treetop Retreat has everything ready for you.

Located in the foothills of Lookout Mountain, this cabin presents some of the mountain views which are worth watching. The cabin can host at least five people. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms,  a kitchen, a living room, and a patio are a part of this setting. The big-screen TV and hot Jacuzzi facilities are also available to make your visit more romantic and full of entertainment.

Treetop Retreat Georgia Cabin with Hot Tub
Credit: VRBO

Mountain High Cabin

Location: Fannin County, Georgia

Price: $417+ per night

An exceptional 5/5 rating at a place Iike Fannin County is something scarce, and this Mountain High Cabin has achieved this due to a stunning 180-degree view of mountains with a secluded feeling of a rural setting.

Blue Ridge is a busy tourist destination with many cabins and other rentals. This cabin is one of those very few accommodations with the best living facilities alongside nature’s most breathtaking views. This cabin can easily accommodate eight people in its three bedrooms. The kitchen, living room, and a Patio with all modern appliances and supplies are also part of the cabin.

The Cabin presents the most serene and out of world views of Sunrise and Sunset from its floor-to-ceiling large window. If you’re a nature lover and want to spend some time in the mountains, this place is for you. 

Mountain High Rental - Georgia Cabin with Views
Credit: Airbnb

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